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What software is available?

Here is a list of software that is available and recommended on different platforms.

Mobile Devices:

Android Phone - gDMSS Lite (Free), gDMSS Plus(Paid), Easy4Ip(Free)

IOS Phone - iDMSS Lite (Free), iDMSS Plus(Paid), Easy4Ip(free)

Windows Mobile Phone - wDMSS Lite (Free)

Android Tablet - gDMSS HD (Free), GDMSS HD Plus (Paid)

IOS Tablet - iDMSS HD (Free), iDMSS HD Plus (Paid)

Desktop (Windows / Mac OS):

Windows PC:

SmartPSS - Download here.

Configtool - Download here.


What is *DMSS and Easy4IP?

They are all apps to view the DS-Series (Everest) devices. You can use the *DMSS on multiple devices and all of them can view DS-Series devices, and requires inputting settings for each mobile device. The Easy4Ip requires an account registration and device registration, it does not require inputting settings, you only need to log in. Only one account can be associated with the DS-Series device after it has been registered.

What is the difference between the free versions and the paid versions?

The paid version has an extra feature, push notification, that will only work with some of our DS-Series devices.

What is the configtool?

The configtool is used to help scan and identify your DS-Series devices that are connected to your network. It can change the IP Address, along with  some other settings on your DS-Series devices.


How do I access the recorder?

If you have an older model or with older firmware, your recorder’s default username will be admin, and your password will be admin. Some newer models or newer firmware will require you to set your own password for admin, once you initiate the recorder for the first time. If we helped setup your recorder before you purchased it, and you have a newer model, your username will be admin, and your password will be admin12345.

Why is there a username 888888 and 666666? What are the passwords?

Unlike the admin username, which can be used on all devices. The 888888 and 666666, can only be used when using the recorder directly and physically, these users will not work on any other device such as a computer or phone. 888888 has administrative access, it will have all permissions and access to the recorder (this cannot be changed), and the 666666 has guest access and certain features and permissions will be limited and/or can be customized. These accounts (888888 and 666666) cannot not be deleted from the system, however their password can be modified.

I changed the password, and forgot it, how do I reset the password?

For security purposes, to reset the password is to contact your seller. Your seller should be able to provide you with a daily password. The seller will need to verify your information, you may need to provide your name, address, phone number, invoice number, and/or invoice date. You will then be able to login to the recorder and change the passwords.

The daily password will only work if you have direct and physical access to the recorder. You can use the daily password to login to any account on your recorder. You cannot change the password to an account, if someone is currently logged into that account from another device. You cannot change the password to an account, if you are currently logged into that very account. Only accounts with administrative permissions can change passwords. (To change the admin password, you will need to login as the 888888, and vice versa).

Once you have contacted your seller, and retrieved the daily password follow these steps:
Step 1: Unplug the ethernet from the recorder, this will ensure that no one can access any accounts on your recorder.
Step 2: Login to 888888(you may need to use the daily password, if you changed the default password).
Step 3: Go to Settings -> Systems -> Accounts.
Step 4: Select the user you want to change the password, select the modify icon(pencil)
Step 5: Use the daily password as a substitute for Old Password. Assign the New Password. Apply or Save.


Using gDMSS/iDMSS/wDMSS, how can I watch from on my phone?

Step 1: Make sure your recorder is plugged into your internet network.

Step 2: Login to your recorder.

Step 3: Main Menu - > Settings -> Network -> P2P.

Step 4: The Status will say “Offline” Check Enable P2P, Apply, Save. The Window Will Close.

Step 5: Go back to P2P setting, The device should say “Online”, keep this screen open until you finish step 12.

Step 6: Open the IDMSS/GDMSS/WDMSS app on your phone.

Step 7: On your phone, from the main screen go to the menu. It is the icon on the top left corner.

Step 8: Go to device manager.

Step 9: Add devices by touching the + icon on the top right of the screen.

Step 10: Select P2P.

Step 11: Name the Device.

Step 12: Either manually fill in the serial number, or select the QR code Icon and then with your phone you can scan the QR code that is on the screen of the recorder menu.

Step 13: Make sure the username and passwords are correct.

Step 14: Start Live Preview and you should now have a video feed going to your phone.

The picture quality doesn’t look so sharp on my phone, and I have HD cameras.

You can change the quality of the video feed, by default it will be using the Extra feed instead of the Main feed, which is a higher quality feed and uses more data. Go to device manager, select your device, edit (the pencil icon). Select Live Preview, and change the setting from Extra to Main. Do the same for playback.

How can I watch the playback on my phone?

Step 1: Select Menu->Playback.

Step 2: Select the how many channels you’d like to see. That would be the far bottom left Icon. You can view, 4, 9, 16.

Step 3: You can either see groups of cameras by selecting the camera icon on the top right hand of the screen, or manually see 1 camera feed at a time by selecting channel.

Step 4: Select the start time, and the end time you want to begin playback. The length of time cannot exceed 72 hours.

Step 5: Select start playback.

Can I change the password for my phone?

The password cannot be changed from the phone, it can only be done directly on the recorder.

Why does the picture look slow on my phone? Or why can I not see all my cameras at once?

There could be a few factors involved. The download speed available to your phone, and the upload speed of the internet that is attached to your recorder. Because of the amount of bandwidth used to show the video streams, it is recommended that you have a good upload speed at the location, and good download speed for your remote device. For this particular reason, if it feels slow on your remote device, you may want to switch back to the sub-stream.

How many devices can I use for remote viewing?

There is no limit to the amount of devices that can access the same recorder. Although it is possible to use the same account to access the remote device, it is recommended that new users are created for each additional devices.